A blurb taken out of Chapter 1:

The moment is still as clear as if it happened a few hours ago.  I drive very fast, and one day, three years after her death, I was weaving in and out or traffic, when suddenly this horrifying reality flashed into my mind.  “I was responsible for her death!”  When she was first born, if I had accepted my responsibility and loved and wanted her as a real father should, she would have been living with me, and not that far out of the city where she was slaughtered.

“My fault!”

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Douglas C. Atkins

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From Rage to Revelation

Inspired by my own passage from rage to revelation – the savage murder of my daughter and the agonizing death of my late wife – I share the stories of eight people who journeyed from the depths of despair to the summit of renewed faith. Shattered by tragedies ranging from infidelity to the death of a child, these survivors shine a light on the path that leads to hope once again. 

Welcome, all.